That’s what they’re calling it, anyway.  A very rare Northeast snowstorm all before the kiddos have even gone door to door for Halloween.  It was a heavy, wet snow.  I think we only got about four inches.  But four inches of heavy snow on trees that have yet to lose all their leaves means lots of broken tree branches, downed power lines, and ultimately, darkness and cold.  Yes, we were without power.  But we were among the lucky ones.  We only went about 7 hours without.  We crashed the neighbors for dinner, who were smart enough to cook a pot of chili throughout the day, and we ate by candlelight and sat in front of their gas fireplace.  When we did come home, we lit candles all around the house.  It was quite the sensory experience.  In a matter of seconds, traveling from room to room, you could experience the scent of ocean breezes, cinnamon spice, orange-vanilla (my least favorite, by the way) and the scent of the Christmas tree.  That’s enough to make anyone nauseous.  Haha.  The kids all slept well, and we even went to bed early.  And then, out of the clear blue, our house was alive again with lights, the washer filling up to finish the load of laundry started earlier, the furnace kicks on.  But it’s 1:00 am.  Thankful to have our power back and the house warming up again, but it led to a quick rush around the house finding all those lights that you weren’t entirely sure were turned off before bed.  Those three-way light switches always throw me. ;)

Today Molly was the only one brave enough to bundle up in all the snow gear and go out and play.  I was the meanie mom who wouldn’t let them go out yesterday while it was snowing.  Oh, how I dreaded digging out all of the snow gear, crossing my fingers that everyone would have “something” that would fit.  Of course, Emily wouldn’t.  The girl’s growing like a weed.  Finding the hats and water-resistant gloves (fleece just won’t cut it in this stuff).  Spend half an hour bundling everyone up only for them to come back in within minutes because they’ve soaked through all their warm clothes and they’re freezing.  Nope, not my idea of fun.  So, I just said no.  But today I realized I am the meanie mom, and guilt got the better of me, so I did all I could to encourage them to go outside today.  Molly jumped at the chance.  Gus was napping, or he probably would have, too.  Emily and Anna opted to stay warm.  Can’t say I blame them.  Regardless, Molly had a blast.

Of course, Thursday is supposed to be in the 60′s again.  Go figure.

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