Today I was lucky enough to get to take photos for my friend Kim and her family.  They’re so good lookin’!  And my own son thought it was super cool to see his best buddy on my computer screen while I edited.  But despite my best efforts and every bribery trick I know, the little guy just wasn’t into this whole picture taking thing.


We did finally convince him to at least look at me, even if just for a second, and as it turns out, I think we ended up with a super sweet photo.


Big brother was all about being a supermodel, though.  He was rocking that denim jacket.


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Here we go!!!

It’s busy season and this year is no exception.  I love getting to create so many family portraits every year and when I begin editing each session, I enjoy going through all of the photos and picking out my favorites.  Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to know my families socially, away from the camera and other times I’m equally as fortunate to get to know each family during our session.  And although my favorites may not always be mom’s favorites (and let’s be honest, it’s almost always mom’s opinion that matters most), I still secretly enjoy imagining certain photos enlarged and hung over the fireplace, or being opened with the holiday cards by their loved ones.  And that’s exactly what makes all of the late night editing and the hours and hours spent in front of my computer all worth the time I get to spend behind the camera with each of my families.

I recently had several days of mini sessions.  This particular afternoon at the lake was COLD and the wind was bitter, but these little troopers hung in there for what turned out to be some beautiful photos.  Hat’s off to mom, Beth, for the super cute sign!


Anna Wolfe - Hi mom! I miss you lots! Can’t wait to see u, when you get back from Ireland!

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Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the past month.  And that’s a good thing!  Lots and lots of family sessions to post and catch up on.  And I promise that once all the order are processed, I’ll come back and share a bunch of this busy season’s awesome sessions.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see it.  It’s just a long tunnel.

A little pacifier for now, here are few photos from a few different sessions this fall.  More to come later.

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Christmas Card Season | Family Photographer

The fall is by far the busiest season for most family photographers.  It’s also a super busy time for this hard working dance teacher. :)  For the third year in a row now, her schedule (which, I might add, is even crazier than mine) has given us just enough time to squeeze in a photo session for her kids right before the holidays.  And I’m happy to make it work, because she does so much for my girls.  Extra bonus this year… she and her hubby sneak in for what I think turned out to be a FANTASTIC family portrait.

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